MDM assists residential and commercial clients throughout the entire construction process. With an emphasis on customer service, each project is handled with thorough care and meticulous attention to detail. Each project is a dedication to excellence.


We provide complete support throughout this crucial phase to ensure your project gets started correctly. Typical (but not inclusive) of the pre-construction services include:

Estimating Services

  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM)
  • Construction Document Estimating
  • Estimate Reconciliation with the General Contractor

Constructability Reviews

  •  Value Engineering Identification
  • Scope development and coordination
  • Constructability review process to assess the viability of a project and identify potential risks that could jeopardize the success of the project. This review process helps mitigate on-site issues related to potential
    issues with specifications and construction plans.
  • Logistics coordination to understand what each micro task has on the macro project

Construction Cost Management

  •  Hard and Soft Cost analysis
  • Pre-Construction planning and coordination
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Risk identification

Scheduling Review Services

  • Review of the General Contractor's scheduling to ensure properly coordinated activities are in line with the
    project's overall goals
  • Help establish Critical Path Scheduling with the awarded General Contractor
  • Monitors and manages GC to complete and track intra-phase milestones
  • Assists GC in creating and implementing recovery schedules, if any of the milestones are not achieved


  • Setting up and assessing the bid evaluation process
  • Identifying qualified contractors and vendors
  • Identifying long lead time equipment and special equipment
  • Scope of work analysis with winning bidders
  • Contract negotiation
  • Coordination with schedules and delivery of equipment, materials, and installation with contractors
  • Permit expediting


With more than 20 years experience, we understand all sides of the construction process to ensure smooth, top quality results. Our value-added services include (but are not limited to) document control, on-site activities, and construction administrative services.

Document Control

  • Establish and maintain a central library for architectural / engineering documentation
  • Control documentation for both paper and electronic systems information
  • Revise and distribute controlled documents
  • Manage change order processes so they are properly implemented and documented
  • Manage effective processing of documents to ensure they are maintained and archived in an organized and retrievable state
  • Assist daily with request for information (RFI's)
  • Scan, bookmark, and index all documentation
  • Coordinating / facilitating all project documentation
  • Identifying design changes as they relate to change orders
  • Construction Reports
  • Creating and Maintaining Punch Lists

On Site Activities

  • Managing General Contractor to ensure compliance with contract documents and schedule
  • General oversight and document of field activities
  • Coordinating field installations
  • Direct Interface for Design Team and General Contractor
  • Assisting General Contractor with daily activities to help maintain schedule and cost control
  • Performing daily field inspections
  • Assisting with planning of installations and deliveries associated with the project
  • Oversight of RFI Process, Construction Coordination Meetings and Generating Constructability Reviews
  • Facilitate timely, complete resolutions to technical questions
  • Daily review of project schedule
  • Inspecting All Work During Construction to Ensure Quality and Compliance with Plans and Specifications

Construction Administrative Services

  • Working with local officials to obtain permits and inspections
  • Updating and tracking all aspects of the project
  • Tracking paperwork associated with the project
  • Coordinating, verifying, and processing paperwork from the field
  • Receiving and processing sub-contractor and vendor invoices
  • Assisting in preparing sub-contractor agreements and purchase orders
  • Assisting in preparing bid packages and proposals
  • Assisting with ordering of materials
  • Preparing and collecting sub-contractor lien waivers
  • Maintaining project logs
  • Writing, editing, recording meeting minute notes
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Processing of change orders
  • Ensuring all close-out documents are submitted


Just because the building is complete, doesn't mean the project is over. The close-out is equally as important as all other steps. We offer a variety of close-out services to ensure after the last tradesmen has left such as warranty & inspection and more.


  • Manage close out of change order process
  • Oversee as-built documentation finalization
  • Warranty & inspection coordination
  • Manage punch list signoff completion
  • Manage occupancy and turn-over process
  • Contractor and A/E progress payment processing

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