3 Characteristics of a Good Project Management Consultant

In the past, when homeowners needed project management services for residential construction, they turned to project managers. However, these days, project management consultants offer similar benefits and expertise for a fraction of the cost. To ensure you reap these benefits, you need to hire the right consultant. Here are some key characteristics of the top performers.

  1.  Properly Trained

Project management does not require a college degree, but many project managers do have them. Others have experience in the specific industry for sites they manage, coupled with certifications in various project management systems and methodologies. You want to work with a project manager that has the right mix of both experience and educational qualifications or training.

  1.  Progress Reports

Who reads the reports, really? You will if you want to keep track of the project’s progression. This not only helps to ensure you are on track for project completion, but you can also track the budget. If a project manager consultant isn’t keen on providing the progress reports you need, especially if you currently live far away from your new home-in-the-making, this may not be the right consultant for you.

  1.  Construction Experience

Note that construction sites aren’t the only places where people hire project managers. Some may work on programming teams or business development. No matter how qualified a project manager is, always ensure that their experience is in residential construction. While all good project managers have great organizational skills. What you also need is a manager who understands zoning laws, building codes, the permitting process and the fine art of appeasing the neighbors.

Building, remodeling and renovating a home are some of the great journeys a homeowner may embark on. However, to ensure the project remains on track, they may need a project manager to supervise on their behalf. Remember that not all project managers are created equal and that industry-specific experience and know-how is paramount.